Wondering how you can tell when it's time for tree removal? Here are the 10 signs you should watch for!

How to Know When It’s Time for Tree Removal: 10 Signs to Watch For

1. The Most Obvious Tree Removal Warning Sign is…

If the tree is dead, then it’s time to call in a tree removal service. Removing a dead tree needs special equipment and an expert hand.

Heavy trees with large trunks can be almost impossible to dig out on your own.

You might even break small saws are cause unnecessary wear-and-tear on your tools. We recommend calling in an expert. They have experience with heavy machinery and large saws that’ll take down a dead tree in a jiffy.

Most services also dispose of the dead tree the right way. They can also keep an eye out for the cause of why your tree died.

If you have a fungus, you’re able to stop the problem with a fungal solution or servicing.

2. Leaning over a Roof

When a storm hits, trees with fallen branches cause the most damage. They are not stable and blow with the wind. They’re also heavy, which makes them so powerful in damaging property.

The best precautions you can take to protect your home is to remove a tree that is near your home or over your roof.

3. Too Close to Power Lines

Power lines that get hit by tree branches are a huge safety hazard. Power lines are full of electric current, which can cause sparks. Together, this can cause a fire.

Also, damaging a power line can result in others losing electricity in their homes. Down power lines are a life-threatening issue. They can shock someone, or start a fire.

4. Covering the Driveway

Trees that have branches of the driveway of your home pose a threat. These branches could fall with high wind speeds. They may also fall over time, according to its natural life cycle.

A falling branch can do damage to your cars, boats, or people in your driveway. Tree pruning and maintenance is a definite must.

5. Causing Damage To a Fence

Roots that move, lift, or damage a fence is a cause for concern. Trees are strong and versatile. Branches or trunks, with time, can wrap around fence structures.

Fences that are not stable are a hazard for you and your family. A tree that is growing into the fence may pose a problem for the future. As it continues to grow, it can expand onto other parts of your fence.

To cut down costs, tree removal may be the best solution.

6. Droppings

Some trees drop thick sap or needles. Sap can damage vehicle paint, and also be a paint to scrub off. Needles are annoying to pick up because they’re thin.

Leafing blowing can only clear a driveway but doesn’t get rid of the leaves themselves. For those that want to enjoy their lush green grass, these droppings cause a problem.

7. Selling Your Home

Trees can affect the market value of your home. This depends on how well your trees appear, and if they’re healthy. Dead trees will drop your property value.

Vice versa, well-manicured trees make a solid first impression for potential home buyers. The main point is to focus on the health and appeal of the tree.

Crowding of trees with falling branches doesn’t make a good statement. Tree or stump removal is a great option.

8. Infestation

Trees that have bug damage will have certain signs to look out for. You’ll be able to see evidence of an infestation in the bark of the tree. If you see bugs, of course, that’s a definite sign.

Other subtle signs may show in how brittle the bark of the tree is. We recommend you check out the trunk of the tree. Does the bark crumble with the faintest touch?

Again, brittle bark or tree branches may be a sign of a dead tree. Tree infestations can lead to a series of problems like infecting other trees or your home. Look out for common bugs that harm trees.

9. Keeping Up With Clean Up

Certain city rules and regulations apply for trees that extend over sidewalks. This also includes allies or public/city property. This doesn’t mean you need to remove the tree, but there are drawbacks!

You’ll need to be conscious of leaves that fall throughout the seasons. You may need to contract a landscaper for bagging leaves. This can become expensive over time.

The best option to stay safe with the law and keep your tree is doing a little research. Digging up information on your city’s code of compliance lets you see if you’re abiding the rules. There isn’t a reason to remove a live tree that extends over a property.

But, it’s good to know what you’re in for [cleaning and tree maintenance] upfront.

10. There Was an Injury Because of Improper Tree Maintenance

When a tree branch falls, its a sign that it needs maintenance. This may be a simple call for tree pruning services. You may want to inspect the tree and see why the tree branch fell.

You might take note if you see any of these signs:

  • Obvious tree decay [dead branches, many broken branches without vegetation]
  • Check for fungus or mushrooms
  • Dents in the tree

These warning signs may suggest the tree is dead. This could also show it has an infestation of bugs termites], or has a fungal infection. Servicing and treatment may salvage the tree.

If not, tree removal is the safest option. This is especially important if one tree is showing signs of decay and others aren’t. By keeping the tree, you could risk losing all your trees.

This is super a tree branch has already fallen and hurt or caused damage.

Our Services

There’s no doubt that tree removal and servicing is important for your property and home. Keeping your home and family safe are our top priorities. That’s why we offer both tree removal and tree pruning.

You can feel confident knowing that your yard is safe for your children to play. You also have the comfort of knowing your property is safe in any weather condition.

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